What do you need for a session

In this page, you can find information about what you need to host a session: face to face sessions or online.

Face to face sessions

For a face-to-face session you will obviously need a room where all your participants will be able to join confortably. Confort is important since a MSP Challenge session should last at least 3 to 4 hours. Ideally you should plan for a whole day for this activity. You should limit your participats to a minumum of 10 and a maximum of 30.

You will need one computer for each 2 to 3 persons. We found that an optimal number of participants per computer is 2 or 3, a 4th participant might have trouble seing the screen or take active part in the discussion.

With one computer per 2/3 persons and a maximum of 30 participants, you will need 11 computers (10 for the participants and 1 as the server), be prepared and bring extension cords (and possibly adaptors if you go to a country that uses different electricity plugs than yours). Of course you will need to have the client installed in the participants' computers and the server+client combi installed in the server computer that you will be operating.

For ease of use, make sure each laptop has a mouse (drawing with a touchpad or touch screen might be more difficult).

It is usefull to have a big screen where you can show the plans made, the KPIs, etc, to engage the participants in the discussion between eras and after simulation runs.

Check also the Handouts for players page were you can find useful materials to run a MSP Challenge session.

Online Sessions

(in development)