Advanced features

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On this page you will find tutorial videos of the advanced features of the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform.

  • How to keep track of all plans available to you through the Plans Monitor
  • How to make an energy plan, connecting an energy producing area to your country's energy grid on land
  • How to get an overview of key performance indicators in the Objectives Monitor as you try to reach your objectives
  • How to make Starting Plans that alter the starting position of your session
  • How to manage the simulated time, i.e. starting and pausing the simulations
  • How to use the Quick Tools to measure distance, zoom in or out, and probe an area for all its data

Select a Tutorial Video
Using the Plans Monitor
Making Energy Plans
Using the Objectives Monitor
Making Starting Plans
Managing Simulated Time
Using the Quick Tools

Too much? Try the tutorial videos on the basic features first.