On this page you will learn what are the hardware and software requirements to be able to use the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform.

All requirements are based on tests run on hardware available to us (BUas). It might be possible to run on older versions of Windows and on different hardware with lower-strength CPU and/or RAM. However, this has not been tested and is thus not supported.

We are continuously developing and testing the software, and thus will update this page as we learn and support more.

Client Requirements


Operating System Windows 10 (up-to-date, at least version 1909) or macOS (up-to-date, at least High Sierra 10.13)
CPU Intel Core i5 6th+ generation, or comparable
Memory 8 GB RAM
Free Space 1 GB
Graphics Hardware Not Necessary
Sound Hardware Not Necessary
Networking Cabled (UTP) or Wireless (WIFI)


No additional software is required, only the MSP Challenge client is necessary.

Server Requirements


Operating System Windows 10 64 bit only (up-to-date, at least version 1909)
CPU Intel Core i7 7th+ generation, or comparable
Memory 16 GB RAM
Free Space 50 GB (although highly dependent on how you use the server software)
Graphics Hardware Not Necessary
Sound Hardware Not Necessary
Networking Cabled (UTP) or Wireless (WIFI)

We recommend setting up a local area network using your own (Wifi) router to which your MSP Challenge server and clients connect. This gives you full control and reduces risks of e.g. network congestion or strict network security policies.


We recommend that you run the full platform installer on a separate fresh Windows 10 computer that's connected to your LAN or just somewhere on the Internet. Setting up the MSP Challenge Server on anything else (e.g. a Linux server) is not yet supported.

Beware that the following additional software will be installed when you run the MSP Challenge full platform installer:

  • Python 3.8.1
  • XAMPP 7.4.1, specifically the Apache2 web server with PHP7 and MySQL (MariaDB 10.4), both of which are subsequently set up as Windows Services
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable

Finally, the full platform installer sets up a task in your Windows Task Scheduler to run every five minutes.

Note that the uninstaller only uninstalls the task set up in the Windows Task Scheduler. This means that if you wish uninstall XAMPP you'll have to do this manually after running the uninstaller of the full platform.


You will need to use a Keyboard and Mouse to navigate the client and server. While it is possible to use a trackpad, the experience will be severely limited by the limitations of such peripheral.