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Here you can find different videos, from promotional trailers to tutorials.

Promotional trailer

MSP Challenge simulation platform BUAS

Impressions from NorthSEE

Unchartered waters

MSP Challenge board Global Edition as used by UNESCO IOC features from 4.4 minutes.

3D Ocean View


OpenChannels / OCTO Webinar, 23 April 2020

Thanks to Sarah Carr, OpenChannels and OCTO, Harald Warmelink of Breda University of Applied Sciences was able to give a webinar about the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform, explaining why it was made and how it works.

Many thanks to the 200+ people who joined (wow)!


BUas Teams Live Webinar, 30 April 2020

BUas gave another webinar on 30 April 2020 at 16:00 CEST as a follow-up to the one above. Harald Warmelink, Jeroen Steenbeek and Igor Mayer provided even more insights and answered many more questions about MSP Challenge.


Interested in more webinars, for a live demo and to answer all your questions? Let us know and we'll be happy to set that up!


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