Connecting to a server

In this page you will learn how to:

  • Connect to and use a demo server
  • Connect to another online server

About our demo servers

The demo servers are suitable for demonstration purposes only:

  • They are accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, so anyone can drop in and do something at any time.
  • The background simulations run continuously and cannot be paused, slowed down, or speeded up (you cannot control them at all).
  • They reset themselves once they reach the end of the simulation (~8 hours real-time), so anything you do there today will be gone by tomorrow (or sooner).
  • They are located in France and the Netherlands, so if you are physically far away, they might be quite slow. This effect increases the more people log on and use the demo servers at the same time.

This is why a demo server is not suitable for full-on sessions. If you'd like your own server, fully under your control and fast in response, then either install one yourself (coming soon) or get in touch with BUas to use one of theirs or get help setting one up yourself.

Connecting to a server

After installing the MSP Challenge client on your computer, you'll find a shortcut to it in your Start menu. Click to start it.