Source code

At the moment we are focusing on getting the entire simulation platform released for everyone to use. After that we will figure out what the best way is for both contributors and ourselves to release the actual source code of the platform. We hope to have a suitable infrastructure in place for that by Q4 2020.

If you can't wait that long and really want to have access to the source code, we have a simple temporary solution in place. We use SVN for now and we can provide you with a temporary account to it so you can access the source code. Please get in touch.

We cannot provide support for this at the moment, simply because we don't have the resources to develop and offer an infrastructure and support for code contributions.

Plugins and Libraries

The following plugins and libraries are used in the MSP Challenge. This list is still under construction, and might be expanded in the future.

Name Purpose License Link
DotSpatial.Projections.2.0.0-rc1 Working with projection and Coordinate Systems The MIT License:

GeoJSON.Net.1.1.73 Serializationa nd Deserialization of GeoJSON data The MIT License:
Newtonsoft.Json.10.0.2 JSON framework The MIT License:
Poly2Tri Delaunay Poly  Triangulation Library Custom license:
Clipper Line & Polygon Clipping Boost Software License:
Graph Maker Drag and drop ready to use graphs, and highly customize / change at run-time. Extension Asset, as defined by Unity here:

Cannot be shared freely.
ZFBrowser Render a webpage to a texture and fully interact with it! Extension Asset, as defined by Unity here:

Cannot be shared freely.
AssetHunter Removing unused assets. Not required for use.
Odin Improving editor UI