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On this page you will find out about:

  • What research & development work is (going to be) planned for the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform on the longer term.
  • What specific software releases are (going to be) planned for the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform over the next years.
Note that both our R&D and version release plannings are subject to continuous refinements and alterations!

Longer-term R&D planning

On the long term (until at least 2026), we are working on at least the following features (in completely random order!):

  • Sustainable commercial fishing policy options and resulting simulation
  • Sustainable sand / gravel extraction policy options and resulting simulation
  • Shipping incident risk simulation
  • Eastern Mediterranean Sea edition and any other sea basin editions for which we can find partners
  • Introduction of 3D graphical elements, including with (but not limited to) VR or AR devices
  • Introduction of a customisable dashboard system
  • Making the client 'pluggable': turning windows into plug-ins that can thus be chosen/configured for the target audience and objectives at hand, also enabling automatic updating/patching
  • Making the client 'skinnable': turning the entire audiovisual style (fonts, colours, imagery, sound) into a 'skin' that can thus be chosen/configured for the target audience and objectives at hand
  • Improving how GIS data can be retrieved and used in an edition
  • Usability and playability improvements across all user interfaces, including the introduction of a tutorial mode
  • Regular audiovisual restyling (but no more than once per year)
  • Continuous upgrades of the entire technology stack when necessary (e.g. end-of-life, no more support) or opportune (e.g. increasing performance or unlocking new potential)

Version release planning


  • Done! 4.0-beta10 in Q2 or Q3, focused mostly on overhauling client-server communication through Symfony, and on a second iteration of the Impact Tool
  • 4.0-RC in Q4, focused mostly on overhauling the client's opening screen and a tutorial mode, and the further use of Symfony server-side
  • 4.0 in Q4, focused purely on bug fixing of the previous Release Candidate, and potentially offering the shipping incident risk simulation in the North Sea Digitwin edition


  • 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 releases in Q1 and Q2, focused mostly on the client's graphical user interface overhaul, improving the server's capacities in obtaining and re-using GIS data, and usability / playability updates across all components
  • 4.0.3 release in Q4 possibly focused on the introduction of the customisable dashboard system, possible offering a first basic/incomplete version of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea edition.


  • Likely 4.1.x, potentially focused mostly on making the client 'pluggable' and 'skinnable', and the introduction of 3D features.


  • Likely 4.2.x, potentially focused mostly sustainable commercial fishing and/or sand / gravel extraction policy options and simulation.