We are continuously doing research on the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform, on how it is used, what is its impact on users and how can it be improved. For research purposes we are saving data on the configuration file(s) that you use, that is only your username and the starting conditions you used in a session.

Only registered users can use the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform. When you register we do not ask for any personal data (Real name is optional). When publishing an article or sharing research results no personal data will be revealed.

We can provide you with standardized pre- and post-questionnaires for evaluating MSP Challenge 2050 game sessions, then we respectfully expect that you make the questionnaire data, as well as the session data, available to us. As a university, our primary concern is to develop knowledge about MSP Challenge 2050 as a spatial planning intervention and support tool. We need and want to collaborate with you to help together understand what works and what not, both for you and for MSP Challenge 2050 in general.

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