Digitwin Noordzee

As explained on the Configurations page, any MSP Challenge edition is configurable to fit your own requirements. The best way to do this is by editing the basic configuration file of a particular edition.

The "Digitwin Noordzee' edition has a basic configuration with the following main parameters:

  • Start date January 2020, end date January 2050
  • So each of the standard four eras covers 7,5 years:
    • Era 1: Jan 2020 - Jun 2027
    • Era 2: Jul 2027 - Jan 2035
    • Era 3: Jan 2035 - Jun 2042
    • Era 4: Jul 2042 - Jan 2050
  • One country (The Netherlands) and it's neighbours:
    • Germany
    • Denmark
    • Norway
    • Scotland
    • England
    • Belgium
  • The Netherlands as one objective defined: "Determine where to place 20 GW of windpower in the Dutch EEZ"
  • Dataset as stipulated on the Data sources page. See the Digitwin Noordzee edition table.
  • Three background simulations:
    • Ecopath-with-Ecosim ecosystem simulation, and predefined ecosystem pressures (noise, artificial substrate, surface disturbance, bottom disturbance, fishing efforts and protection from fishing activities) generated from different human activities.
    • Shipping simulation, monthly ship traffic entering, leaving or within the Norht Sea region.
    • Energy simulation, existing offshore renewable energy areas, electricity cables and landing stations (landfall points) in the different countries. These simulate the curent energy flow of the existing infrastructure.
  • Restrictions and errors:
    • Warnings when planning different physically-obstructing human activities on the same area, e.g. a wind farm on a shipping lane, or vice versa.

Data sources

To see the data sources used in this version of the game refer to the Digitwin Noorzee edition table in data sources page.