Adriatic Sea

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As explained on the Configurations page, any MSP Challenge edition is configurable to fit your own requirements. The best way to do this is by editing the basic configuration file of a particular edition.

The Adriatic Sea edition has a basic configuration with the following main parameters:

  • Start date January 2020, end date January 2060
  • So each of the standard four eras covers ten years:
    • Era 1: Jan 2020 - Jan 2030
    • Era 2: Jan 2030 - Jan 2040
    • Era 3: Jan 2040 - Jan 2050
    • Era 4: Jan 2050 - Jan 2060
  • XXX countries:
    • Orange (Montenegro)
    • Lime (Albania)
    • Blue (Greece)
    • Green (Slovenia)
    • Red (Italy)
    • Pink (Croatia)
    • Disputed Area
  • Dataset as stipulated on the Data sources page. See the Adriatic Sea edition table.
  • Two background simulations:
    • Shipping simulation, monthly ship traffic entering, leaving or within the Adriatic Sea region.
    • Energy simulation, but without any existing energy infrastructure connected to it, so only new plans involving e.g. wind farms are simulated.
  • Restrictions and errors:
    • Errors when planning different physically-obstructing human activities on the same area, e.g. a wind farm on a shipping lane, or vice versa.

Data sources

To see the data sources used in this version of the game refer to the Adriatic Sea edition table in data sources page.