Recently two new articles were published about (aspects of) the MSP Challenge Simulation Platform:

Pereira Santos, C., Warmelink, H., Boode, W., de Groot, P., Hutchinson, K., Goncalves, M., Steenbeek, J., & Mayer, I. (2020). A digital game-based simulation platform for integrated marine spatial planning: design challenges and technical innovations. The Journal of Ocean Technology, 15(2), 78-100.

"The authors present the design and engineering challenges as well as the five innovative technical solutions of the platform: a modular client-server architecture with a Unity-based client; incorporating a large volume and variety of geospatial, marine, and maritime data; interconnecting with the ecosystem modelling platform Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE); interconnecting with simulators for shipping and energy; and providing technical functionalities to set up and moderate highly interactive multi-player game sessions. The authors discuss lessons learned and provide directions for future research and development for both the MSP Challenge simulation platform and maritime planning support systems at large."

Steenbeek, J., G. Romagnoni, J. W. Bentley, J. J. Heymans, N. Serpetti, M. Gonçalves, C. Santos, H. Warmelink, I. Mayer, X. Keijser, R. Fairgrieve, and L. Abspoel. 2020. Combining ecosystem modeling with serious gaming in support of transboundary maritime spatial planning. Ecology and Society 25(2):21.

"We demonstrate how EwE was connected to MSP, considering the range of constraints imposed by running scientific software in interactive serious gaming sessions while still providing cascading ecological feedback in response to planning actions. We explored the connection by adapting two published ecological models for use in MSP sessions. We conclude with lessons learned and identify future developments of the simulation platform."

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