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Connecting to a server

From MSP Challenge Community

(embed the two to-be-developed Youtube tutorial videos about 1) connecting to one of our (demo) servers and 2) connecting to a self-hosted server through IP address and session ID)

Demo server

After unpacking and installing the client on your computer, double-click on the executable to open the client and follow these steps:

1. Click on the 'play' button:


2. Click on the 'demo' tab:


3. Select the version you want to try, clicking on the 'connect" button:


4. Select one team and log-in:


5. Play allong in the simulation platform, if you need some guidance to start from, please check our tutorials.

Connecting to our sessions

Video Coming Soon

Connect to a self-hosted session

Video Coming Soon

Starting a new self-hosted session

Video Coming Soon